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European Citizens´ Initiative Forum

This video is an entry in the ImagineEU competition. The competition invited teenagers to show their ideas for improving life in their community or country. They have made short videos explaining what they think needs to be changed and how this could be done. The competition builds on the concept of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), an important tool of participatory democracy in the EU, allowing citizens to play an active part in EU policymaking.

rEUniON Debate Club Platform

Link to the video

Video summary

rEUniON is a structured environment for informed discussions about the European Union, fostering a deeper understanding of its policies, challenges, and impact. Our citizens' initiative is to introduce rEUniON debate clubs in high schools and the creation of an online European rEUniON debate platform, to which all European high school students can have access to. The diverse perspectives, the educational values, the civic engagement and the network opportunities are all epitomes of rEUniON.

Language of the video: English
Transcript in English

Students' information

Students' names:

  • Andrei Mihai Mares
  • Andrei Alexandru Calina
  • Ionut Andrei Corduneanu
  • Andrei Vasile
  • Hanna Dirmon
  • Bianca Boncu
  • Roberta Sanda

School information

School represented: Liceul Teoretic International de Informatica Bucuresti
Country: Romania
Teacher's name: Catalina Georgescu

Selected EU competence(s)

EU competence(s): Education, Training and Youth, Human rights and democracy, Justice and Fundamental Rights