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European Citizens´ Initiative Forum

Moderation policy

1. Who operates this site?

This site is operated by the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) on behalf of and under contract to the European Commission

2. Moderation:

Our moderators work to maximise the value of the site to all of its users.

They assess content submitted for publication by registered users and either publish it or reject it (with an explanation).

They may intervene to merge, split, move or close discussion threads, or to direct participants’ attention to other relevant content. They will also intervene to prevent unacceptable use of the site.

3. Acceptable use of the site:

We welcome and encourage open and frank discussion relevant to the European Citizens’ Initiative and/or to specific initiatives.

The site should not be used to promote specific political, commercial or religious viewpoints, or for discussion of other irrelevant or unrelated topics.

Users should avoid all abusive or potentially offensive language.

Moderators reserve the right to remove posts that breach these guidelines and/or to cancel the registration of any user who grossly or persistently fails to observe them.