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Teaberubriigist leiate teemade kaupa juhendmaterjale, edulugusid, veebiseminaride salvestisi ja muid teabematerjale.  

Euroopa kodanikualgatus: menetlus ja praktika

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Discover the first-ever ECI Infopacket designed specifically for civil society organisations, by civil society organisations!

Euroopa kodanikualgatuse teabepakett kodanikuühiskonna organisatsioonidele
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Opportunities for Organisers

The ECI Forum offers newly registered European citizens' initiatives an Online Tailor-made Welcome Call

This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your initiative before the start of your campaign! 

Once your initiative is officially registered by the European Commission, the ECI Forum contacts you via email and invites you to attend an online tailor-made training session (in English) which includes an overview of the signature collection process, the support tools available and campaigning advice. 

Learn from the organisers

Discover the various meet and greet videos with ECI organisers below 

Meet and Greet with the organisers of the European citizens’ initiatives (ECI) 'Creation of a European Environmental Authority' and 'Ban Conversion Practices in the EU'
Meet and Greet with Claudia Taccani
Meet-and-greet with European Citizens’ Initiative Organisers
Meet and greet with organisers of the ECI’s Fur Free Europe and High-Speed Rail
Meet and Greet with Initiative Organisers - 2022
Learning by doing, with passion

Success Stories

Fur Free Europe
Read more about how the organisers of Fur Free Europe initiative collected 1.5 million verified signatures calling to ban fur farms and farmed fur products in the EU.
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Ei uimepüügile ja -kaubandusele
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Read more Success Stories!

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