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European Citizens´ Initiative Forum

Seek advice

We provide tailor-made and independent advice to (potential) organisers of European citizens’ initiatives in any of the official EU languages within maximum eight working days, such as legal advice, advice on campaigning, on fundraising or on any other relevant topics.

Introduction to the Seek Advice service of the Forum

Legal advice can include an assessment of:

  • whether there is already EU legislation on the subject of the draft initiative;
  • whether the draft initiative can meet the registration criteria, including whether it does not fall manifestly outside the Commission's powers and, if so, which Treaty provision(s) confer(s) this power to the Commission;
  • whether other organisers have requested the registration of similar or nearly identical initiatives in the past and whether they met with success or not.

Advice on campaigning and/or fundraising can assess:

  • your networks in place;
  • your base of volunteers;
  • human and financial resources;
  • communication strategies;
  • access to funds, etc.

Please note, that we do not draft initiatives for organisers or support them in carrying out their campaigns or raising funds.

If you simply require information about the European citizens' initiative process in general, we invite you to consult the Learn section of this site and/or the website of the European citizens’ initiative.

Seek advice

If you need advice, please send us your question(s) by submitting the form below. You will be asked to fill a short questionnaire. Thank you.

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